Thursday, August 5, 2010

Simple but an important engineering design.

Kepada Pelajar2 JAD,

Sila hargai rekabentuk ini walaupun kita tidak memerlukannya di sini.

What is a Zambulance?

The Zambulance is an affordable transport option for remote areas in developing countries.

In several developing countries, people die from treatable diseases simply because they cannot reach health centers when they need it most. Bicycle ambulances are a proven solution to this transport barrier in remote areas where current methods of transport are insufficient in speed, safety, cost, or availability. Since July 2005, Jessica Vechakul has been collaborating with Disacare Wheelchair Center in Lusaka to develop the Zambulance, a bicycle ambulance that can be locally produced from common steel and bicycle components.

The Zambian Ministry of Health and the WHO have ordered over 50 Zambulances for health centers all over Zambia. Independent home-based care and hospice programs have also ordered Zambulances. Within one month, over 50 patients were transport between home and health centers by a single Zambulance. Given the versatility of the Zambulances for people of all ages and health conditions, it has the potential to be a live-saving technology worldwide.

Lupakan waka-waka sebentar. Inilah realiti.


Prof. Abdul Shukor
Kota Kemuning

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