Thursday, October 15, 2009


Untuk difikir-fikirkan oleh pelajar2 JAD yang bijak pandai.

Cerita nya macam ini. Sir James Dyson dari England telah mencipta satu produk baru iaitu kipas angin elektrik yang menghasilkan angin TANPA sebilah kipas pun. Betul ke? Boleh percaya ke? Macam ni boleh lah kita beli dan hadiahkan kepada Atuk dan Nenek di kampong....

I am very proud. We've been working on this for four years," he said.

The gadget will cost £199 and will initially be available in upmarket department stores and design shops, before it is sold via the Argos catalogue next year. This is significantly more expensive than the average price for a standard desk fan with blades, which is £18 in Britain.

However, Dyson is confident that the design – a large ring of plastic on top of a pedestal – and technology is radical enough to persuade people to spend extra on the product.

The Air Multiplier works by sucking in one unit of air at the base, and pushing it out at speed through a thin gap in the fan's ring. The expelled air is pushed out over an airfoil-shaped ramp (similar in shape the wing of an aeroplane). In doing so, surrounding air is drawn into the air flow, so by the time the cool air hits an office worker's face, it is the equivalent of 15 units of air.

In all, 405 litres of air are expelled every second.

However, Sir James insists it is not just more efficient than a standard fan – which expels one unit of air for every one taken in – it also creates a far smoother airflow.

"Normal fans chop up the air with the blade, which is very uncomfortable when you are sitting in front of a fan. It buffets you. This is far smoother."

Dyson hopes that while the market for fans in Britain is relatively small, America, Australia and Japan will snap up the device.

Sir James, who made his fortune and reputation thanks to his bagless vacuum cleaners, confirmed he would gladly work for a Conservative government if they won the general election.

"I am keen to promote engineering and technology in any capacity," he said, but hinted he might not actually become a minister. Asked if he would sit on the Conservative or cross-benches if he was offered a peerage, he said: "I have always been apolitical."

The fans will be made in Malaysia, as all of Dyson's products now are. "But, crucially, they will be exported from Britain," said Sir James. "We do all our research and development in Wiltshire, and we pay taxes here."

So, apa komen sdra-sdri? Betul ke angin boleh dihasilkan tanpa kipas? Mungkin selepas ini ada pencipta-pencipta produk kejuruteraan di kalangan pelajar2 JAD yang boleh menghasilkan kereta untuk kegunaan rakyat biasa di Malaysia TANPA tayar tetapi boleh bergerak di atas jalanraya, kawasan FELDA dan kampong?

Fikir2 kan

Prof. Abdul Shukor
Kota Kemuning

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  1. saya berminat dengan hasil kerja prof..saya ingin berlajar bagaimana mencipta menambah kelajuan kipas..